Kona Growing Up Cross

On any given weekend during late summer through to early winter, cyclocross racers of all ages gather to test their mettle through mud and frozen grass, up and over obstacles, from Europe to North America and beyond. Kona has always loved cyclocross racing, from the camaraderie to the challenge, and of course, the unadulterated fun. As a testament to that passion, we follow three Kona cross racers from age 9 to 33. Two racers from Rad Racing NW, one of the top youth development cycling programs in the U.S., to Kona Team rider Helen Wyman, one of the top female cross racers in the world. For us, it's not only about creating bikes for future champions, but also inspiring a love for cycling that lasts a lifetime.

3-speed front bicycle gearbox

Efneo story

Efneo is a family business run by Mr. Stefan Migaszewski, the father of the family, and his three adult sons, Franciszek, Wiktor, and Fryderyk. Mr. Migaszewski’s sister has provided the initial investmet to launch the company which was founded in 2010. Our ultimate objective is to build a global brand of highly innovative bicycle components designed to make the cyclist’s life easier.

They are all from outside of the bicycle “business” but are avid cyclists. The story began when the father, who is a natural-born-inventor, tried to build a more convenient fitness stepper for himself. Just for fun he wanted to make it a stepper and electric dynamo in one. To transmit energy from the stepper to the dynamo he used a three gear Shimano bicycle gearbox. And as he is an inventor, he disassembled it just to see how it looks like inside.

Then the idea came to his mind “I can make this gearbox in a simpler way”. And he did it. Together with his sons, who are economists by education, he realized very quickly that his invention can fill a gap in the market which has been seeking for years a light and efficient three gear front gearbox as a replacement for a rather awkward front derailleur.

As often happens, one invention leads to another. Early on in the development of the front gear box they realized that at the heart of the gearbox invention lies an invention that has completely different applications and solves many of the problems of one of the most common components of all bicycles – the inefficient and noisy freewheel. Out of the gearbox invention came the most efficient, silent, lightweight, and durable roller freewheel.